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Sign-Ups for the ACFI Adult Variety Show

Thank you for volunteering to be part of the Adult Variety Show!

There are two segments that we are taking signups for:


* Fursuit Striptease

* General performance

The fursuit striptease is subdivided into two parts: regular and 'breaking the magic.'


The regular striptease will start with a fursuit (or other costume) wearing clothing on top of it, which the performer will remove while we play music, ending with the 'naked' fursuit (or other costume) underneath.


'Breaking the magic' will start with a fursuit (or other costume) that will be removed while music plays, revealing the lycra undersuit beneath it.


In both cases, if you prefer to keep your head on at the end of performance, that is fine, just let us know.


A layer of body covering needs to remain worn throughout the performance; the undersuits normally worn under a fursuit are fine. Your chest and crotch area must remain covered at all times.


General performance is just could be anything! Spoken comedy, a dance routine, lipsync, a song or a limerick. Let us know what you have in mind. Aim for 2-5 minutes and minimal props; please have a friend wrangle props for you. We can play music for you if need be. (we don't need radio edits for this show)

Please be sure to fill out the application entirely.
What sort of performance would you like to do?
If you are performing a striptease, will you be "breaking the magic" during your performance?
Upload File
The email provided above will be the inital form of contact, however, the ACFI requires than more than one form of contact for correspondence. Please provide a secondary form of conact that we may use. (Select all that apply)
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