Pre-Registration and Onsite Pricing for
Alamo City Furry Invasion Attendance Levels and other admission passes.

Onsite Day Passes
Friday - $35
Saturday - $35
Sunday - $25


Onsite Day Passes only include access to all events and tradeshows for their respective day.



Guest of Honor Dinner Pass
(Sold Seprately)



The GoH (Guest of Honor) Dinner Pass is now sold separately and ONLY comes with the Ultra-Sponsor Package.  This pass can be added to ANY registration purchase of the Alamo City Furry Invasion.  This pass allows access the to the Meet and Greet dinner for the Guests of Honor. 



Attendee - $55
(Onsite - $60)

Pre-Reg Standard attendee membership comes with access to events and trade-shows. It also comes with  1 perks, the current year's themed lanyard.  All items included are subject to availability on a first come first serve basis.

Sponsor - $100
(Onsite $110)

Pre-Reg Sponsor attendee membership comes with access to events and trade-shows. It also comes with the attendees item pack PLUS a poster and a T-Shirt.

Super Sponsor - $125
(Onsite $150)

This package includes the Sponsor items Pack (T-shirt and Poster), one random plush from the Ultra Sponsor Pack and (if any) donated perks to be announced (subject to availability).

(Onsite $425)

Want your own mystery solving team? Get all 5 of the plush backpacks and help us figure out who the mystery killer is! Mega Sponsor includes all 5 plush backpacks and all Super Sponsor and below perks! This Packages NO LONGER includes a ticket to the GoH dinner (MUST be pruchased seperately).

(This package is for  ACFI 2022 Pre-Registration ONLY)

Due to the popularity of the previous Ultra Sponsorship, we are bringing it back this year, with Plush Backpacks! Help the gang solve the mystery of "Who killed Drummer?" This package includes your character dressed as a cute mystery solving pal, in the form of a plush-like backpack!

Comes with all perks from Mega Sponsor, Super Sponser and below. This Package also includes a ticket to the GoH dinner, so you can meet and greet the Guests of Honor.

Parent in Tow
Every parent/guardian must have a SIGNED AND NOTORIZED "Parental Consent Form" FOR EACH CHILD admission.

If you are a parent with a minor between the ages of 3 and 15, they MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian to attend the convention.  You can get ONE of these for free!

To use this ticket, please add it to your cart as well as an attendee ticket for the minor. When you click next to buy the tickets, you will be able to mark the attendee ticket as a Minor Accompanied (Under 16) badge while adding other details about the badge holder. Having a Minor Accompanied (Under 16) badge in the ticket order is the only option that will make this Parent in Tow badge valid.

Any child that is between the ages of 16 and 17 can attend the convention alone, however they MUST have A SIGNED AND NOTARIZED "Parental Consent Form" to be presented and turned it at registration.

Vendor Table Pricing
(Current Year)

Dealer's Den Table - $175 + Any Registration
Artist's Alley Table - $100 + Any Registration

*As the convention grows and larger venues are purchased, ALL pricing can and will change almost annually.