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Application for the ACFI Dance Off!

Thank you for your interest in ACFI’s dance-off!

This is a competitive dance event, where pairs of dancers alternate improvisational dances to music selected by the DJ, which will change partway through! If you are interested in the format of submitting your own music to dance to solo (or as a duet or group, but not alternating with a competing person/team) then you are looking for the Dance Competition.

We will be trying to fit everyone who applies in in some way, shape, or form, but in order to keep the brackets simple, we have to have a cap at either 8 or 16. 

For example: if the nonsuit division only reaches 12 people, the 4 last people would have to be cut unless we find another 4.

Please be sure to fill out the application entirely so that we can contact you with updates!
Which category will you be performing?
The email provided above will be the inital form of contact, however, the ACFI requires than more than one form of contact for correspondence. Please provide a secondary form of conact that we may use. (Select all that apply)
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