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2024 Panel Application is now open!

Hello and welcome to the Alamo City Furry Invasion panel application form.  We welcome submissions for panels that educate, entertain, promote the community, and generally encompass the furry fandom. By filling out this application in no way means that your panel will be approved. We reserve the right to decline any applications we feel that either don't fit the mission of ACFI or we run out of room on the schedule.

If you would like to run multiple panels please submit a form for EACH panel you would like to run.

All Panels must be submitted by September 15th.
If you have any Questions or Concerns Please Email us at (

                 To begin.  Please fill out the application below.
Name you would like to have appear on the panel schedule.
The ACFI requires a form of contact for updates and changes. Your contact will also be required for live changes, updates and panel room setups during the event. Please note that your email provided at the start of this form will be used as a primary means of contact. Please select any other forms of contact we may use.
Please provide us with your attendance status. (Select all that apply)
The ACFI may photograph, record and livestream panels for our audience on social media (YouTube and more). Please advise if you consent to the recording, streaming and photography of your panel.
You must agree to the Alamo City Furry Invasion Code of Conduct in order to attend and host a panel. The Code of Conduct can be found here at
Please provide the rating of your panel.
Who will be hosting this panel?
What is the desired length of your panel?
What is your estimated setup time? (Please make sure to coordinate with your panel lead to ensure accurate and timely setup using the contact details established)
What is your peferred Day to host your panel? (First Choice)
If your peferred day is not available to host your panel? (Second Choice)
12h Format
12h Format
12h Format
Will you need any equipment provided to host your panel? Please mark all options that apply. Select "Other" for any equipment needs that are not listed. Note: Not all equipment needs can/will be met.
By submitting this application, I am confirming that I have read and agree to the Panelist Agreement found here:
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