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Welcome to the Party Room Floor Request Form!

Please fill out the form below to be placed on the party floor.

NOTE:  You Must Be Registered with Marriott Reservation ID.  This form is only to request a room assignment on the Party Floor.

11th Floor Views!!!!!  Same floor as the Consuite and ACFI Sponsored Nightly Parties.  Before you think Elevator Con.....Brand New Elevators that take only 22 seconds from 11 down to First... we timed it.   Do you plan on expanding the fun of the Con to your room?  Do you plan on having gatherings in your room?  Do you plan on Playing music at late hours?  Well this form is for you.  We have designated 2 floors of the hotel to be designated for HIGH TRAFFIC & ELEVATED NOISE LEVELS.  If you hate having hotel Security knock on your door because you are playing music or having fun then please complete this form.  We will assign a room on these two floors for you.  

Form Submission Deadline:  September 15

You will receive an assigned floor prior to check in.  Rooms not on this floor are subject to Hotel security requesting to reduce noise or traffic. Room type that you reserve must match your request on this form.  IF you have any questions please email or include your question at the bottom of this form.

To be placed on the "Party Floor" please fill out the form below!
The ACFI requires a second form of contact to coordinate party floor requests. Please select other means of contact in which we may get a hold of you. (Select all that apply)
Will you be entertaining?
Room Noise level not to exceed 85 decibels in the hall outside of your door. If alcohol is consumed in the room the door must remain closed. NO ALCOHOL to be served to persons under 21 years of age. NO ILLEGAL substances to be consumed or distributed. Contents of the room and damages are the sole responsibility of the person Registered with the Hotel. These room types are available on a "First Come First Served" basis for the party room floors.
I understand that by agreeing to request a room on the Jungle floors that their will be elevated noise levels and traffic in the halls.
I understand that smoking or vaping OF ANY KIND is NOT ALLOWED in any room of the hotel. I understand that violation of ths policy can and will cause a fee to be billed to my room and will be a personal cost to me.
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