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Tails and Tailights Car Show Entry Form

ACFI Charity Car Show Application
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The email provided above will be the inital form of contact, however, the ACFI requires than more than one form of contact for correspondence. Please provide a secondary form of conact that we may use. (Select all that apply)
Will you be able to leave your vehicle in the show area for the majority of the weekend of the convention OR the day the Car Show takes place?
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This car show will be judged and there will be awards. Do you acknowledge and consent to your car being looked over by our panel of judges in order to pick winners? (This also does not guarantee that you will be picked for a prize)
If accepted, we will be requiring a $30 donation to go towards the charity to secure your spot in the premium parking area for the show cars (note that these spots will be designated for the entire weekend and cover your parking fee). Do you acknowledge?
There will be no revving, burnouts or reckless acts of any kind during not only the show, but the entire weekend we are parked in the show area. ACFI holds the right to remove any individuals who do not comply with these rules without reimbursement of the parking donation.
I acknowledge that I will hold harmless the Hotel, the ACFI and the Bee Pawsitive Husky Rescue Charity for any liabilities or damages involving parking lot activity.
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