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Join the ACFI Team

ACFI Staff Application & Confirmation

Interested in being Staff for ACFI?   Well then you are in the right place.  This form is for both NEW Staff Applications and Confirmation for Existing Staff Members.  Those that are part of our Staff are aware of the benefits but lets review some of the perks.

-Attendee Level Badge is comped
-Special Staff Artwork on your badge
-Access to the VIP Lounge as well as its breakfast hours.
-Early Access to Registration
-Specific ACFI Staff Telegram Channels
-A GREAT way to meet new people
-... and More to be announced.

No information will be shared outside the Alamo City Furry Invasion board and department leads.

ACFI Staff requires a minimum of 12-14 hours over the course of the weekend and hours are to work around your schedule

NOTE:  You must be 18 years old or older to apply for Staff

(You may be interested in joining the ACFI volunteer team, a more flexible way to support the convention. If you'd rather be a volunteer please visit our Con Ops or the Volunteer desk at the convention for a variety of positions)

                                                                         Thank you for your interest in Staffing.
With ACFI...
If you have been o Staff with the ACFI in the past, please select the years you were on Staff with us.
What days do you plan on attending and what days will be willing to help staff at the ACFI this year?
The ACFI requires a form of direct messaging for communication. Please select which forms of communcation you are involved in. (Select All That Apply)
What departments are you currently part of staff (ACFI or Other), have staffed in before OR if you are new to staff please tell us what department you would like to apply for.
If you are currently on staff and would like to transfer to another department, what department would you like to move to?
I agree to uphold the Code of Conduct as set forth by Alamo City Furry Invasion. (Found on the ACFI website).

Executive Board Members

Project Managers

  • Drummer The AngelWolf: HR, Registration, Finances, Webmaster, Legal, GoH, Hotel Liaison, Security, and App Development.

  • Zeebra: Fur Meet / Outreach, Logistics, Advertising (Physical), Social Media, Vice Chairman, Hospitality (CS), Charity, Headless Lounge, and Hospitality (VIP).

  • Thorgi: Theme, Art Show, Artist Alley, Con book, Dealers Den, Con Store, and Art Team.

  • Havelock: Con Ops, Security, Logistics, and Volunteer.

  • Whines: A/V, Panels, Gaming, Fursuit Games, Events, and Photo / Video.

Department Leads

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