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Join the ACFI Team
ACFI Staff Application & Confirmation

Executive Board Members

Project Managers

  • Drummer The AngelWolf: Registration, Charity, Finances, Webmaster, Legal, Hotel Liaison, and App Development.

  • Zeebra: Vice Chairman,  HR, Outreach, Advertising (Physical), Social Media,

  • Janos:  Hospitality, AD Events, Banquets

  • Thorgi: Theme, Art Show, Artist Alley, Con book, Dealers Den, Con Store, and Art Team.

  • Armorclad Coyote: Operations, Logistics, and Volunteer.

  • Whines: A/V, Panels, Gaming, Fursuit Games, Events, and Photo / Video.

Department Leads

  • Audio and Visual (Events) (Audio): Ty Browntail

  • Audio and Visual (Events) (Electrician): Satteo

  • Artist's Alley (Arts/Expo): Bunner

  • Charity: Lolli Lycan

  • Dealer's Den (Arts/Expo): DGB

  • Convention Logistics: Faust

  • Eclipse Lounge (Hospitality): Janosian Stripe

  • Tavern 621 (Hospitality): Durdles

  • Banquets: Maru

  • Events: Whines

  • Gaming (Events): VVolf

  • Guest of Honor Liaison: Beviraku

  • Transportation: Cordivan

  • Outreach (Marketing): Vacant

  • Registration: YT Kileroy

  • Fursuit Games (Events): Corbeau

  • Operations & Security: Remi

  • Social Media (Marketing): Ace

  • Panels:  Corbeau

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