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Code of Conduct


1. Guiding Principle: Anything that harms or interferes with our event’s reputation or operations is not permitted.

2. Con Badges & Admission: Con badges must be worn where visible at all times while in convention space. Age restrictions may apply to attendees under 18.  Badges are non-transferrable.  There are no refunds and all sales are final.

3. Our Rating (Dress Code): ACFI activities and event space are rated “PG” during daytime hours, “R” after 7:00 pm.

4. Alcohol: NO alcohol EXCEPT where permitted.

5. Smoking, e-cigarette and vaping: By venue policy, indoor smoking, e-cigarette and vape use is prohibited.

6. Event Space, Hotel Rooms & Room Parties: Be considerate of our hosts and your fellow attendees.

7. Weapons and weapon-like items/props: No real weapons, or weapons that appear real.

8. Harassment: “Costume” does not equal consent. “No” means “NO!” Online harassment is still harassment.

9. Selling or Advertising Goods or Services: Only by businesses/dealers that are authorized by ACFI, and only in designated areas. Spaces will be provided for flyers and handouts.

10. Pets and Service Animals: Only service animals are allowed.

11. Photography, the media, and you: Media representatives are not permitted in convention space unless authorized by ACFI. Personal photography is allowed in most, but not all, areas.

12. Limitation of Liability: You are responsible for your own actions.

13. Penalties: Your actions could result in revocation of your badge.

14. Traditions: Guiding principles to ensure the success of the convention, its attendess, staff and volunteers.

15. Privacy: The ACFI does not share or sell any information gathered on its supporters and/or attendees.



Our mission is to create a fun, educational, and supportive experience for our community, both furry and non-furry, and to build a strong furry community in Central Texas while meeting our primary purpose.

Our Primary Purpose is to fulfill our mission while raising funds for our local charity Bee Pawsitive Husky Rescue that can be found on FaceBook here and their website here

Our Code of Conduct is our way to ensure our attendees enjoy our event. It also must ensure we retain a positive reputation and relationship with our venue, the City of San Anotnio, the State of Texas, the furry community, and the general public.  By registering for the Alamo City Furry Invasion and/or purchasing an attending badge or registration/ticket to the convention you agree to the terms of the Code of Conduct.

Alamo City Furry Invasion’s Code of Conduct contains provisions that apply to many aspects and areas of our events, activities, and promotions. Questions about policies for specific groups or areas (such as vendors, our dealer’s den, ‘Headless Lounge,’ or panels, for example) should be referred to the appropriate department.

In case of any apparent conflict between the provisions of this Code of Conduct and any other policy enacted by Alamo City Furry Invasion, our Code of Conduct shall take precedence.

Nearly all of our Code of Conduct is common sense and is in place to provide a safe and enjoyable ‘furry-friendly’ environment for everyone. Should you have any questions you can e-mail for further information. 

Incident Reporting

When reporting an incident at the ACFI our attendees must know that the investigation is the most important part of determining outcomes and issuing verdicts.  All incidents or actions that go against the Code of Conduct must be reported at the time of the incident.  If an incident is reported after an event, we will do our utmost to respond to the issue.  However, investigations are most effective when done as close as possible to the time of occurrence.


1. Guiding Principle: Anything that harms or interferes with our event’s reputation, events, or operations is not permitted.

Our Code of Conduct is not an exhaustive list of “do’s” and “don’ts.” Any behavior that harms our reputation or interferes with the operations of Alamo City Furry Invasion is strictly forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, its relations and reputation with our community, municipality, venue, or the general public. This also includes interfering with or disregarding instructions or guidance from ACFI staff during the performance of their duties.

Our staff, attendees and members are a critical part of our events. Actions taken to harass or inconvenience our attendees or ACFI staff can and will be considered violations of the Code of Conduct.

2. Con Badges and Admission: Con badges must, without exception, be worn where visible at all times while in convention space.  


Photo ID: You must present valid photo identification (government issue) that proves your identity and age in order to receive your con badge. This can include a driver’s license, Photo ID Card, or passport.  All government issue ID's must not be expired by more than 30 days.

Worn and visible at all times: Your con badge is the only acceptable proof of admission into events and convention space. Our convention is a private event, so all attendees must wear their con badge where readily visible to enter and to remain in con space. Anyone not wearing their badge may be told to leave con space.

Non-Transferable: Your con badge cannot be loaned, given, resold, or used by anyone else for any reason during the convention.


Refunds: The Alamo City Furry Invasion has a No-Refund policy.  All sales are final.  All funds during the pre-registration process are immediately invested into the venue and other convention expenses.  There is no "Force Majeure" (unforseeable circumstances or events that allows for a refund).  There are no exceptions to the refund policy.  However, we can make an exception for a rollover of a registration to the next year.  For rollover requests you must send an email to with "Rollover Exception Request" in the Subject line and it must be submitted no sooner than two weeks AFTER the event for the current year is over.  Failure to adhere to this no-refund policy or any attempts to circumvent or skirt this policy can result in revocation of future attendance.

Minors: Minors are convention attendees who are under 18 years of age as of the first day of the event. Minors are identified by specifically-marked badges. All minors attending the convention must have the consent of their parent or legal guardian to attend the con. In addition, any minor under 16 years old as of the first day of the event MUST be accompanied at all times by a parent, legal guardian, or authorized chaperone while in convention space.

Disclaimer: All con badges remain the property of ACFI for the duration of the convention and must be presented for examination by con staff and surrendered to convention security upon request.

“Swag:” ACFI has a limited quantity of give-away materials for registrants. These are available on a first-come first-served basis for on-site pickup, and will be distributed to attendees at registration as available and after pre-registration orders are fulfilled.

"Perks:" ACFI announces perks as they are donated (if any).  Perks are not a guaranteed item to be included with registration.  They are a bonus addition to any level of registration that comes with perks.

"Custom Add-ons:"  ACFI provides custom add-ons that can be added to certain levels of registration and may or may not be included with other registrations.  These add-ons are subject to availability and not guaranteed due to quantities and are served on a "first come first serve" basis.  Please be respectful of those behind you and portion your plate appropriately.  Superfluous amounts of self-serving is taking away from others.  Please limit yourself to one serving per person.

3. Our Rating (Dress Code):

ACFI activities and event space are rated “PG” during the daytime (up to 7:00 pm) and “R” in the evening and at night.

ACFI seeks to create a welcoming environment for families and furries of all ages. Attendees must clothe, costume, and conduct themselves in accordance with our “PG” rating during the morning and afternoon and “R” rating past 7:00 pm, but especially in any area visible to non-attendees or the general public. A good general guideline is “would the dress/behavior be welcome in a public park or local library?” Please restrict any conduct that does not conform to this to the privacy of your home or hotel room. If you’re not 100% sure, please ask a member of Security or email us with any questions at BEFORE wearing clothing, exhibiting items, or behaving in ways that may be unacceptable in the convention space.

While convention space is meant to be a fun and playful environment, we value our identity as a family-friendly and family-welcoming convention. We hope to balance our community’s desire for expression with being inclusive of families and attendees of all ages. If a given costume or accessory generates complaints from hotel patrons, hotel staff, or con participants, you will be asked to restrict it to the “after dark” hours of the convention.

We do allow a few exceptions to this rule:

* Dealer’s Den & Artist’s Alley:
The Dealer’s Den is open primarily during daytime hours, and many of our vendors carry material with adult themes. Artists and vendors in the Dealer’s Den should hold to a “PG” rating on all visible material (such as with stickers obscuring explicit portions of artwork.) Any display of item(s) including artwork and merchandise must be limited to “PG” or made to conform with our “PG” rating (such as stickers completely obscuring any explicit portion of artwork). Vendors in the adult-only portion of the Dealer’s Den should contact and discuss what is allowed in this space.

Artist’s Alley is generally in a public area of the convention, so clearly visible artwork and products on display should meet a conservative “PG” standard. Please use common sense. In most cases moving “PG” materials out of prominent display should be sufficient.

* Events, panels, areas, or items that are designated as adult-only: Some events or areas (in particular late-night panels and activities) may be designated as adult-only. These will be labelled on the schedule, posted by the event, and will have a volunteer reviewing attendee badges. Adult-only content must be approved by a staff member. Without such written agreement, the “R” rating must be maintained.

Access to an adult-only event or area will be strictly controlled, and the adult content will be contained within the designated event/area. Attendees with “Minor” badges will not be allowed access to these areas, events, or items. Attendees must ensure that they maintain the convention’s PG and R rating when travelling to or from adult events or areas.

4. Alcohol: NO alcohol EXCEPT where permitted (hotel bar/restaurant and private hotel rooms); Alcohol is not permitted in convention space.

Alcohol must only be in the possession of, and consumed only by, persons of legal drinking age (21 or older in Texas), AND only when served by a venue bartender/waiter and consumed within that venue’s licensed areas; or when consumed in the privacy of your hotel room.

Please note: Alcohol is not served or permitted in event space. Alcoholic beverages are permitted only to persons 21 years of age and older by Texas law. Anyone who provides/serves alcohol to a minor and any person under the age of 21 who consumes alcohol is breaking the law and may have their attendance privileges permanently revoked and/or be reported to the police.

The sole exception to rule 4 is with prior written authorization from the convention chair(s) for special events, etc. Last but not least: Please enjoy alcohol responsibly. While we are all here to have fun, any individual who is intoxicated to the point where they pose a risk to themselves or others will be asked to leave, either temporarily or permanently, at staff discretion.

5. Smoking, e-cigarette and vaping: In accordance with venue policy, smoking, e-cigarette and vape use is prohibited in any hotel room, venue, or balcony and ONLY allowed in designated areas set forth by hotel/venue policy.

Please note that San Antonio has a ban on smoking in many public areas and the hotel is a non-smoking hotel. Please contact the hotel for specific information on their smoking/vaping policies and associated fees.

6.Event Space, Hotel Rooms & Room Parties: Be considerate of our hosts and your fellow attendees.

a) Convention Space

We must remain welcomed guests at our venue, without which ACFI cannot take place. We ask that all attendees treat the area, its employees, and its fixtures with all due care and respect. Do not post any notices, advertisements, or affix/tape/glue/etc. anything to the walls, ceiling, doors, or floors of our venue without first securing permission from our staff. Do not attempt to alter, misuse, damage, or misplace any object within the venue space. Attendees are further advised to immediately follow any request from venue employees. In case of disagreement, attendees and staff must first comply with the request then notify convention operations and provide details. Use common sense. We can’t list everything that might be disruptive. Please be respectful if the hotel staff or security/con staff asks you to slow down, put it away, put something over it, et cetera. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

b) Hotel Rooms

It is hotel policy that the renter of the room is ALWAYS responsible for their room’s condition and any use thereof; Vandalism of, damage to, or destruction of hotel/venue property may result in severe consequences including but not limited to revocation of attendance privileges of the convention.

c) Room Parties

Room parties are great! To ensure individual actions do not adversely affect others, the following rules apply:

During nighttime hours (11:00pm – 8:00am), noise must not be audible in other hotel rooms. To minimize noise, keep doors completely closed with a door hanger sign to knock;

Room gatherings/parties may not extend into the corridors for any reason – keep doors closed to limit the number of partiers.

Party hosts and participants are reminded of Rule #4 (providing alcohol to minors is illegal) and Rule 5 (smoking/vaping within hotel rooms is not permitted).

ACFI staff and security will do their utmost to help resolve noise and conduct complaints, however the hotel reserves the right to take immediate and independent action against any room and occupants thereof who are noisy or disruptive.

Please party responsibly and show courtesy to your fellow hotel guests.

7. Weapons and related items (No real weapons, or weapons that appear real).

Important: Unless very obviously a non-realistic toy (to the casual observer at a quick glance and from a distance) ALL props that could be mistaken for actual weapons must first be inspected and approved by convention security. No real firearms permitted (except for law enforcement officers within their jurisdiction). Convention security have the authority to approve, deny, or restrict the carry, display, and use of any particular weapon or item at ACFI. Convention security may apply additional conditions such as “only during specific events.” Decisions may be appealed to the Head of Security.

No weapon or item may be brandished, aimed at anyone or otherwise displayed in a threatening manner. The only exception to this is by previous arrangement with convention security and in a designated time and place with clear rules. This may include a stage performance, a NERF tournament, or staged photography session. Decisions may be appealed to the Head of Security.

Attendees may not use lasers or laser sights in event space. Convention security may at their discretion permit such sights to remain on props if rendered inert (example: batteries removed and/or lens covered).

Projectile launching devices (including NERF and water guns) may never be loaded or contain propellant of any kind.

Items carried within event space must immediately be presented for inspection upon request by ACFI staff. Failure to comply may result in loss of item or convention attendance privileges.

Disclaimer: For the protection of our attendees and our events, ACFI reserves the right to revoke all previously granted prop carrying privileges at any time. In case of disagreement, the attendee(s) who own/carry such MUST without question first secure the item(s) outside event space before appealing the decision to the head of security. Failure to comply may constitute a serious breach of our Code of Conduct.

8. Harassment: Consent applies — “No means no.”

Behavior towards another individual or group that is generally considered unacceptable or harmful, along with any conduct including but not limited to intimidation, threats, unwelcome physical contact, stalking, etc. will not be tolerated. If someone has stated they no longer wish to interact with you, stop.

Attendees are encouraged to IMMEDIATELY report any such incident to convention security, or to a Staff member. Your safety at the convention is our highest priority, and we want to make sure everyone is able to enjoy the convention as much as possible.

ACFI is NOT the place to start or continue disputes. Our staff cannot resolve interpersonal conflicts or preemptively ban someone from attending based solely upon such. Our events are gathering places where one can meet and share common interests with others. Behavior that is disruptive and detrimental will not be tolerated.

Inclusiveness: We are committed to providing a welcoming environment to all, regardless of race, color, national origin or ancestry, creed or religion, sex or gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or age. Any harassment or discrimination against any individual or group is unwelcome at our event.

Con space, local events, online venues: ACFI holds the Furry Invasion convention and a number of local events, and make use of online spaces. We reserve the right to bar individuals from all of these.

9. Selling or Advertising Goods or Services: Only by businesses/dealers that are authorized by ACFI, and in designated areas.

Advertising or selling goods or services may only be undertaken by persons approved by ACFI.

Advertising or selling goods or services is permitted only in designated areas; Any and all applicable fees due to ACFI must be paid in full prior to any setup of advertising or sales space.

Compliance with all applicable local, provincial and federal laws governing the advertising and sale of goods and services remains the vendor’s sole responsibility.

Vendors are responsible for checking convention badges (and when applicable confirming the age of attendees) while making sales.

All goods and services advertised or sold must comply with our rating (refer to Rule #3).

10. Pets and Service Animals: Only service animals are allowed.

Pets are not permitted in event space for safety and allergy-related reasons.

Service animals are permitted and subject to these conditions:

  • Reasonable efforts are made to abide by the hotels policy as well as the guidelines and regulations set forth by the ADA.

  • The handler ensures the well-being of the service animal, such as being attentive to signs of distress indicating the service animal may be overwhelmed; Notify a ACFI staff member immediately if the service animal urinates, defecates or vomits in event space.

Attendees should never pet a service animal without their handler’s permission, and give service animals the space they need to assist their handler.

11. Photography, the media, and you: Media representatives are not permitted in convention space unless authorized by ACFI and accompanied by a member of staff. Photography may be restricted in certain areas.

Attendees must behave responsibly when interviewed by, or in the presence of, any media. In the event that attendees are requested to be interviewed by an external media source (i.e. news reporter) and are uncomfortable or unable to comply, please inform a member of ACFI staff.

The Alamo City Furry Invasion convention remains a private event. Consequently, media/reporters are permitted in convention space ONLY after registering as media with, and obtaining a press pass from, ACFI. Please read our media policy for more information.

ACFI reserves the right to take photographs or video footage for promotional purposes. We reserve the right to deny entry to any or all media. We may at our discretion grant conditional entry to media representatives. This may be subject to additional provisions including, but not limited to, escort or supervision by designated staff.

Photography is NOT permitted in our Art Show or Headless Lounge. No artwork or merchandise may be photographed without first obtaining consent from the artist or dealer. Photography of panels is allowed at the discretion of the panelist, and permission should not be assumed.

12. Limitation of Liability: By registering for the convention, and accepting a convention badge, you agree that ACFI, A+ King Services & Entertainment LLC, and its associated directors, convention committee, staff and volunteers shall be indemnified and held unaccountable from any damage or loss of personal property, as well as any personal injury or death arising out of your attendance at the convention.

This agreement is binding upon you, as well as your heirs, next of kin, executors and administrators. If the attendee is under 18, the parent or legal guardian must agree on his or her behalf.

We reserve the right to update these rules without notification.

13. Penalties: As stated previously, much of what is covered in our Code of Conduct relates to ‘worst case’ scenarios. We as an organization must be prepared to address such possibilities but, together with our attendees, do not expect them to occur.

As a group we are dedicated to welcoming and bringing together as many people as possible to join in the furry fun, enjoy our events, and share common interests.

Invoking the sanctions listed below may run contrary to our primary purpose and mission, however we will not hesitate to do so. This is for the protection of our staff and attendees’ health and safety. It is to ensure our collective right to share and enjoy our friendly, disruption-free, and harassment-free environment.

Code of Conduct violations may result in one or more of the following actions taken against those responsible:

Warning issued by Convention Staff or Security.

Suspension of access to one or more areas of ACFI.

Temporary or indefinite revocation of attendance/participation in all ACFI activities and events without refund (including convention and local community events).

Further action taken by hotel/venue management.

Notification and involvement of law enforcement.

Civil and/or criminal prosecution.

14. Traditions

The purpose of these traditions is to bring us together and create cohesion as well as to set a guideline that will exhibit and instill fairness, truth, kindness, passion, respect and care among each other.  By living these traditions, we can unite, grow, love each other unconditionally and accept one another regardless of beliefs.  To allow others to simply have their own opinions or views without it affecting our own character values.  Remember that a divided community is a lost community and a lost people.  Together we can bring peace and understanding not only with our own kind, but with others on the outside of the fandom as well.  Love builds communities and fear builds empires.  We are building a community.  Not an empire.

The Alamo City Furry Invasion is a community of furries who share our experiences, artistic expression and compassion with each other as well as with those that share our interests or are simply curious.  We wish to promote awareness in the community regarding issues involving animals, furries and their communities far and wide.  We are not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution and we do not wish to engage in any controversy and we neither endorse nor oppose any causes.  Our primary purpose is to promote awareness of the furry community and our ability to raise money for charities that benefit animals and/or humans either locally and/or wold-wide.

  1. ACFI welfare should come first; the groups and conventions depend upon furry unity. 

    Work together to spread awareness of who we are and show the outside world what we have to offer.  Be a part of the community and not apart from it.

    1. Watch out for each other

    2. Agree to disagree

  2. The ACFI is a loving group of furries.  We express ourselves in a group conscience when it comes to staffing the convention. 

    Teamwork is our focus so that we can keep the convention a success or ensure that groups stay together.  We are also to band together to help each other find solutions to our personal affairs involving emotional, financial, gender, equality and/or life events.


  3. The only requirement for ACFI membership is to want to join staff or go to the convention.

    Be welcoming.  Make is possible for absolutely anyone, in or out of the fandom, to be a furry. No one can be denied to those that promote family and fellowship among our community.  Set an undeniable standard of equality for all.


  4. The ACFI should be autonomous except in matters effecting other furries, meetup groups and/or conventions as a whole.

    We provide everyone their own right to participate in whatever activities (SFW or NSFW) they wish without fear of judgement or persecution from other furries, unless those activities (inside or outside the fandom) harm others or make for bad publicity toward other furries or themselves. 

    1. Protect the fandom with compassion and understanding

    2. Allow others a right to their privacy and self-will to make their own decisions

    3. Promote good actions and behavior

  5. The ACFI has one primary purpose.  Carry the furry message into the public to help other furries find us.

    The furry who doesn’t know that we exist is out there.  Our goal should be to help them find us.  Give them a home.  Let them know they aren’t alone. 

    1. Make it our goal to help all furries find a group they can call home.

  6. The ACFI ought never endorse, finance, or lend the group's name to any related facility or outside enterprise, especially if it will divert us from our primary purpose.

    Every group or meetup is stand-alone.  Their guiding members have a right to do whatever they wish within their group however it is encouraged that everything be done within the furry community and not ally with any political affiliations, organizations (outside the furry community) or other furry groups that promote division. 

    1. Stay focused on the primary purpose of the group or convention

    2. Promote awareness of the furry community and their cause

  7. The ACFI should work to become fully self-supporting and only accept contributions from within the community.

    In order to maintain the integrity of the group’s ability to share experiences, artistic expression and compassion with each other as well as with those that share our interests, we contribute through membership and registration.  This helps to sustain the convention or group financially to pay expenses associate with the convention or meetups.  So that we all have a place to call home, each member that registers becomes a working and contributing part.  This way the group has a greater chance of success.


  8. ACFI members that serve as board members should remain non-professional and employ special workers when necessary.

    Community organizing requires a tremendous amount of time and resources.  A lot of work goes into creating events that the community can enjoy.  It’s okay to compensate organizing members for their time and resources.  Compensation can include free registration or con swag.


  9. ACFI members on boards or as leaders of groups ought always be organized and should be directly responsible to those they serve.

    You can’t have conventions or meetups without furries and/or their attendance at events.  The group host, chairman, convention board and/or organizers are directly responsible for serving the furry community to ensure its ongoing success.  This works both ways.  Furry attendees are directly responsible for their own actions on how they reflect on the community.


  10. The ACFI has no opinions on outside issues, hence ought never be drawn into public controversy.  By choosing not to engage in conflict, we prevent it. Politics and outside issues accomplish one thing and one thing only, to direct us away from our primary purpose.  The ACFI is not your soap box or political platform to exercise power.

    1. Don’t be a troublemaker

    2. Don’t entice people into debate or arguments on things controversial

    3. Don’t engage, pander to, or pick a side

  11. Our public relations policy is based on attraction and promotion of furry fun.  We shall always maintain furrynymity (furry anonymity) at the public level.

    Furry anonymity is meant to protect ourselves from others disclosing who we are to others without permission to do so.  We can disclose ourselves if we wish, but never another.


  12. Furrynymity is the foundation of all of these traditions.  It reminds us to place principles before fursonalities (furry personalities). 

    Practice these traditions to remain conscientious of who and what we are and why we are doing what we do.  This will help us to put into practice the unconditional love that we owe not only to each other, but to ourselves.  Application will help us to find that much needed acceptance of ourselves and the community in and out of the fandom.  We will see each other as worthy of our love and acceptance. 

15. Privacy:

ACFI does not sell information about specific individuals, attendees, or website visitors to any third party, website, software, or service provider. We do not share attendee/registration information with any third party, with exceptions such as the following needed to operate a convention, in which we will share the minimum information necessary and make all efforts to respect the privacy of our attendees and guests: information required for ticket processing and schedule application; information required for management of our hotel room block and reservations; information needed for compliance with law enforcement.

Refunds: We are not able to offer refunds for event/convention registration or other costs. We will consider requests for refunds for financial hardship but these are rare exceptions that must be made on a case by case basis. Please contact


The overwhelming majority of those who attend and participate in our events do so for their enjoyment and the betterment of the furry community. They’re here to share in and promote good fun at ACFI and in the furry community as a whole.

Odds are you belong to this group. We’d like to express our gratitude to your commitment to make the most of our welcoming, fun-loving environment. You have our thanks for remaining considerate of others and upholding our community’s positive reputation and values.

To download a printable version of this document click here.

*Based on Universal Code of Conduct (UCC) framework for furry conventions version 1.0, revised 4/24/2021

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