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Welcome to the Reg System FAQ

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  • Using an Existing Coupon Code

When trying to apply a coupon code, you will need to make your ticket selection(s) first. After you clock checkout, but before you start to enter information into the details form, there is a box on the right, highlighted by the picture below.

The coupon code box will disappear after you click continue, and does not come back unless you navigate back to the Buyers Details section of checkout.

After entering the coupon code in the box, REMEMBER TO HIT THE ENTER KEY TO APPLY THE CODE.  The coupon code should turn green, and should appear in the list of items in your cart.

Using an Existig Discount Code
  • Upgrading an Existing Registration

If you have previously purchased a registration for the ACFI and wish to upgrade to a higher level of registration you will need to request a coupon code for upgrade.  Please email the Convention Chairman at with the subject line "Upgrade my Registration" and provide the following details:

  1. The email address in which the registration was purchased.

  2. The Registrants Name (As shown on your state issued ID) and Badge Name.

  3. The Registrants Mailing Address (As shown on your state issued ID).

  4. Your Current Registration level.

  5. The Registration level you wish to upgrade to.

See example below.

Upgrading an Existing Registration
Registration Upgrade.JPG

Once your email has been sent please allow 72 hours to receive a reply.  During this process your old registration will be cancelled and you will be notified. This should be followed by an email that contains your coupon code that you will use to apply a credit for the amount of your current registration level.  Once you have your upgrading coupon code you will re-register and purchase your upgraded registration.  Please DO NOT forget to apply your coupon code toward your new registration purchase.

  • Using Multiple Coupon Codes

At the moment, there is no way to use multiple coupon codes with Wix. It is a feature that has been requested, but has not yet been acted upon.

We are working on a solution that will let you combine coupon codes, but at the moment, please contact with the coupons that you need combined.

Using Multiple Coupon Codes
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