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Media Policy of the Alamo City Furry Invasion

The Staff of the Alamo City Furry Invasion feels that the media has something to offer our organization. Our fun loving community has lot of fun and the more people know the more others can enjoy what we have to offer our local community. However, we do have policies in place to ensure the interests of our attendees and community are protected and can enjoy their interests in a safe and fun environment.

The policies are as follows:



  • The Alamo City Furry Invasion is a private, membership-only event that reserves the right to deny admission to any person, at any time, for any reason. The primary purpose of our events is to bring a weekend of fun and socializing as well as to raise money for local charity. Priority number one will always be the safety and security of our members and those in attendance. The Alamo City Furry Invasion welcomes various media outlets to come and join in on the fun! We are a fun loving group that can benefit from media exposure. We are willing to grant interviews and requests for information to authorized agents of the press and media prior to the convention. We will have Press Memberships Badges for media outlets that wish to cover our event. There is a set of strictly enforced guidelines that again, are in place to protect our attendees. Violation of any of these conditions below will result in immediate termination of any and all assigned Press Membership Badges and security will escort said membership from the premises and may result in a barring from future media interaction with our event and any other events provided by A+ King Services & Entertainment DBA Alamo City Furry Invasion.



  • You must arrange a Membership Badge request at least two weeks prior to any and all events with our Media Relations team and corresponding staff in addition to an Attending registraation or higher, however a two month lead will give you better chances of approval.  If you arrive at an event without making these arrangements you will be denied admission and will be escorted out of the event by security. This will also result in a ban of you and your organization from any and all future A+ King Services & Entertainment DBA Alamo City Furry Invasion events. Please take the proper procedures and protocol to obtain membership as we do not wish to ban any media from our events.

  • To obtain a Press Membership Badge you must be able to prove that you are employed by a reputable broadcast, print or internet media organization.

  • To apply for press membership you must be able to provide the following by email (            
                ○ Your full real name and pen name if you have one    
                ○ Full contact information (address, telephone and email – the telephone must be a direct, non-recorded telephone                     line)         
                ○ Full contact information for your editor and publication           
                ○ The nature of the story you are writing and what type of information and media you will be gathering at the Alamo                     City Furry Invasion.

                  ○ If it applies, please provide the names of any specific ACFI Staff or members you would like to interniew.

  • If you are granted a Press Membership Badge, you must check in at our convention’s Registration on the day of the event (that was previously determined) to receive a Press Membership Badge. This must be completed before any media-related activities can take place at the event; failure to check in before conducting media activities will result in revocation of the Press Membership Badge and you being asked to leave. When you check in at Registration, please have the following with you: two (2) business cards, a government issued picture ID, a letter with your organization’s official letterhead stating the nature of your story and including contact information for your assignment editor should we need it to validate your credentials before issuing you a Press Membership Badge.



  • All media related personnel are to be accompanied by a member of the Alamo City Furry Invasion Staff at all times.

  • Coverage will be limited in Time and Scope as this is a large event and resources must be allocated appropriately to ensure the activities of our members are held in a secure regard.

  • You will not be permitted to force anyone who does not wish to be interviewed or photographed against their will. You will not be permitted to harass or intimidate any of our attendees. This will result in an immediate escort out of the event area and a ban from you and your organization.

  • While at our event you must, at all times, visibly display your Press Membership Badge. Please do not alter, obscure, or hide your Press Membership Badge. DO NOT attempt to conceal the fact that you are member of the press as this will result in a ban from the event and you will be escorted from the event area.

  • We will permit interviews to be conducted at your request, and only at your request. We may also at your request provide a quiet area to conduct interviews at the Alamo City Furry Invasion. Please also understand that this is not guaranteed. If resources are available we will try and accommodate your request.

  • DO NOT share your Press Membership Badge with another person or member of any other press. Press Membership Badges are issued to a single person and/or member of the press only.

  • DO NOT utilize any hidden cameras or microphones, or otherwise attempt to conceal any type of audio, visual or audiovisual recording device. This will result in an immediate revocation of your Press Badge and you being escorted out by security and barred from any and all future A+ King Services & Entertainment DBA Alamo City Furry Invasion events.

  • You will not be allowed into any attendee-only events. At the discretion of the convention chairman, this rule may be waived for individual events. (This includes private area’s utilized by attendees of the event)

  • All footage obtained at the convention must only be used in regards to the convention itself and must be used as one continuous segment.

  • REMINDER. If a Press Membership Badge is not approved by the Alamo City Furry Invasion you will be escorted from the event area and any membership purchase will be forfeit and you may not re-enter the convention space. We will work with you at a professional level but the Staff of the Alamo City Furry Invasion is a private organization and event. It is not a public venue while any and all events hosted by A+ King Services & Entertainment DBA Alamo City Furry Invasion are occurring. Usage of any footage filmed at any events hosted by A+ King Services & Entertainment DBA Alamo City Furry Invasion without prior approval and/or explicit permission of the appropriate Staff is a violation of the law. We take this restriction very seriously as it can cause a disruption of our event.

The Alamo City Furry Invasion does not impose a blanket ban on media outlets, but we do reserve the right to approve and deny media entry at any time to preserve the reputation of our charity, our organization and the privacy and security of our attendees. To apply for permissions for a Press Membership Badge to cover any aspect of A+ King Services & Entertainment DBA Alamo City Furry Invasion or it’s events an e-mail must be sent to no less than fourteen days before the starting date of the event.

For a printable version of this policy click here.

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