Vendor Rooms
Table Assignments

The Dealer's Den and Artist Alley are located in the Conference Center of the Hotel.  The Conference Center is a building that is detached from the Main Hotel Grounds.  The Conference Center is made up of two separate buildings.  Buiding one is where the Dealer's Den will be located and building two is where the Artist's Alley will be located.  Both buildings have two levels and both vendor locations are on the ground level.  Building one consists of four rooms.  From left to right they are the Cavalier, Pearl, Yana, and Paseo.  Between the Yana and Paseo are bathrooms.  The first three rooms are connected while the bathrooms and Paseo are separated.

Please review the maps to familiarize yourself with areas of importance so that you may find your table location and locate loading areas.  There will also be designated parking reserved for Dealer's Den and Artist Alley vendors.  The maps below will point out the parking areas as well as the onload and offload areas for moving into and out of the Conference Center.

Desingated Vendor Parking and Loading Areas
Whole Hotel Layout For Website.png
Dealer's Den and Artist Alley Locations
Dealer's Den and Artist Alley Map for Website.png
Dealer's Den 1 (Cavalier)
Daeler's Den 1 update 9.15.21.JPG
Dealer's Den 2 (Pearl)
Dealer's Den 2 update 9.15.21.JPG
Dealer's Den 3 (Yana)
Yana DD Updated 9.11.21.JPG
Dealer's Den 4 (Paseo)
Dealer's Den 3 update 9.15.21.JPG
Artist's Alley (Magestic)
AA Updated 9.15.21.JPG