ACFI Covid-19

Will I have to have a vaccine card or passport to attend the ACFI?
No. However, a negative covid test will be required to attend. If you have been vaccinated and have a card or passport you may voluntarily present your proof of vaccination as a substitute for your negative covid test.

Will you still accept my vaccine card with an expired date?
Yes. The expiration date on a vaccine card is not the expiration date for the card itself. The expiration date is the “Use-by date” of the vaccine that you have taken and is used by medical personnel as a means of identifying the batch of vaccine that you have taken. It does not mean your card has expired.

I lost my vaccine card. How can I safely register for the convention?
Don’t worry. You can obtain a digital copy of your card by contacting the facility or location in which you had your vaccine administered. For more details go here: If you are unable to obtain a copy of your vaccine card a negative covid test will be required.

Can I show an image of my vaccine card like a picture or digital copy?
Yes, however, the information on the card or image MUST match a valid ID or Driver’s License.

Which vaccines are accepted?
Any vaccine approved for use in the United States of America, Canada, or the European Union.

I have only had one of two shots of the vaccine administered. Can I still attend?
No. You will need to provide proof of a negative covid test UNLESS you received the vaccine that only required one-shot (IE Johnson and Johnson)

I am scheduled to get my second vaccine shot administered before the convention. Can I still attend as long as I have my second shot?
Yes, provided the second shot was administered 14 days before the convention start date.

Can I show a picture or image of my negative test results?
Yes. If you are unable to obtain a digital copy of proof for being negative for covid you can purchase a test at any health and/or medical supplies retailer and take a picture of the negative test. HOWEVER, you must present a receipt with proof of purchase that displays the DATE AND TIME OF PURCHASE and it MUST BE PURCHASED WITHIN 72 hours (Not before October 5th, 2021) of the convention.

If I have not received a booster shot, can I still attend the ACFI?
Yes. Booster shots are not a requirement to attend the convention, however, they are encouraged IF you are eligible to receive the booster shot.

What kind of Covid Testing do I need to get?
Any testing is accepted however, lab testing is preferable. If you utilize a test purchased from a medical supplies retailer, the negative result must be photographed next to your state-issued ID or Driver’s License AND presented with a receipt that shows the date and time the test was purchased.

Due to this policy change, can I get a refund for my ticket purchase?
No. We have a no refund policy, however, we will consider rolling your registration over to 2022. If you would like to do so, please email us at with “Registration Rollover to 2022” in the Subject Line. Please make sure you include your name as it appears on your ID and your registration.

Will masks be required at the ACFI?
Yes. Masks are required and are part of the dress code of the ACFI. For more information, please see our Code of Conduct here:

Have more questions regarding ACFI’s Covid-19 policy? Please email us at