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ACFI DJ Submissions Form

Thanks for your interest in helping out with the dances at ACFI!

We will schedule the dances late enough in the evening that we do not require that you use radio edits. Attendees will be notified of this in the schedule.

We'd love to have a link to a demo recording of what you'd like to bring to ACFI!

Please provide contact information so we can get ahold of you!  If we don't have valid contact information, we will not be able to consider you or respond to your application.

This form will close on August 15, 2022, We will have selections made by September 15 and will send out notifications by then.

If you have any questions, we can be contacted at

Thank you!

Please be sure to fill out the form entirely.
The ACFI requires a secodary form of contact. Please provide us with the methods of contact you have available.
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