ACFI 2021 Hotel Change
(and what does that mean?)

This past year has been an incredible challenge for everyone.  An emotional roller coaster not that much different from a tornado that could roar through our lives and leave us scattered in a familiar landscape where only a remnant of our past lives remained.  One of the lonelier aspects in the end was that it left us without the ability to gather with our fellows and join our communities at our conventions.  There was nothing left but to sit and wait and allow time to heal.  No matter what life throws at us however there is one thing that is for certain.  We show resilience to the insistent obstacles of life and we always bounce back.   


With that being said we bring news.  It isn’t bad news, but news that will bring about change.  One last obstacle that we will overcome as we have done so vigilantly in the past.  How long this change will last, we cannot say at this time, but we will adjust and prevail.  The Wyndham, our current home for the ACFI, has also suffered great losses from the pandemic.  They are closing their doors.  As of May 24, 2021 they will be shutting down and changing ownership to see if the hotel itself can be salvaged by its new proprietor. 


But fret not.  The ACFI and its management has wasted no time.    The Wyndham was gracious enough to help us find another home that will not only honor our current situation but make sure that we are still able to put on a great show for everyone.  Only a few blocks away from the Wyndham but closer to the Riverwalk’s famous restaurants and attractions, the ACFI for 2021 will be moving to the Marriott Plaza!  More news to add!  We WILL BE THE ONLY GROUP at this hotel.  Not only are we the only group, we will also be the ONLY GUESTS!  When we decided to call ourselves the Furry Invasion, this is exactly what we did with this new hotel.  Marriott.  You have been INVADED by FURRIES! 


You will not need to do anything, as all current hotel reservations will be moved over to the new hotel and a confirmation email will be sent to you from the Marriott Plaza.  The current Wyndham hotel booking link on our website will no longer be available as of May 19, 2021.  Starting May 21, 2021, the new hotel link for the Marriott Plaza will be available and email confirmations of the reservation transfer will begin going out between May 21 - May 28.  If you do not receive this email confirmation ON OR BEFORE May 28, please make sure to call the Marriott Plaza at 888-236-2427.  Please DO NOT call them before these dates.  While making reservations via phone make sure to mention the Alamo City Furry Invasion to receive the group rate.


The ACFI and Wyndham sincerely thank you for understanding in this matter.  We look forward to an awesome year and an incredible convention experience for everyone.


Alamo City Furry Invasion Staff

Most Frequent Frequently Asked Questions

I reserved a Hotel Room for ACFI 2021at the Wyndham.  Do I need to change my reservation to the Marriott Plaza?

If you booked your hotel through the ACFI Room Block, the Wyndham hotel will transfer your reservation automatically to the Marriott Plaza.  Please DO NOT CALL the hotel before May 28.  You will receive an email confirmation of the reservation transfer.  If you do not receive an email confirmation on or before May 28, contract the hotel via phone at 888-236-2427.  If you booked outside of the ACFI Room Block with a third party such as Hotel Direct or Expedia you will want to contact them for reservation changes, cancellation and refund policies.

Will there Wi-Fi at the new hotel?

YES!  The Marriott Plaza will be providing free basic Wi-Fi to our attendees.

What will the changes demographically be like?

The ACFI moving to the Marriott Plaza will mean moving closer to downtown San Antonio.  We will be getting closer to exclusive attractions and restaurants on the San Antonio Riverwalk.  We will also be closer to downtown San Antonio's historic Southtown restaurant district.  This means MORE FOOD!

What is happening with the parking situation?

Although we will no longer have a parking garage like we did with the Wyndham, the Marriott Plaza has plenty of parking provided by the hotel.  The Marriott Plaza will also be honoring the same prices provided by the Wyndham.


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