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Guests of Honor for 2024


Duke Doberman

I got into the fandom in 2000. For the longest time I use to draw furry adult art up until recently. 
Dukes name was inspired by the 1996 game character Duke Nukem. In 2015 the suit maker Cuttlebone made Duke for me and unveiled him at MFF that same year.  We’ve made two other suits (suit heads) until in 2022 Citymutt made the latest version of Duke. I was in theater in high school and always loved performing, and Duke has been my outlet of expression for me. Ultimate expression for a human being, I’ve felt, has been our sexuality and showing self confidence. I’m very blessed that the fandom appreciates that and what I’ve shared over the years and will always continue on. Ultimately being duke is my hobby and my enjoyment and just very lucky others enjoy what I’ve shared.


Kiba Wolf

Kiba Wolf is a furry videographer and photographer.  He discovered the fandom in 2013 while browsing videos on Youtube.  Con videos intrigued him at the time but were often of low quality.  This fueled his determination to bring high-quality, cinematic videos to the public with the help of his wedding filming gear he had lying around.  He attended his first furry convention at MFF 2013 and filmed his first con video.  Since then, he continued to film at other cons, helping those who were new and curious about the fandom to experience the magic from their own home on his Youtube channel.  Nowadays he does fursuit photoshoots and on occasion, will make cinematic short story furry films, or just film fun events that he hosts with the local Dallas community (DFA - Dallas Fursuiting Adventures).


Zephyri Wolf

Zephyri wolf is a queer and neurodivergent artist and the creator of the webcomic “30-Something Wolf”. She’s been making art for almost all her life and joined the furry fandom in 2019. She enjoys being an advocate of the LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent community through her art. When she’s not making art, you can find her bouncing around in fursuit and Twitch streaming- sometimes both at once

Returning Special Guest!


Odin Wolf

The visionary creator of 14Werewolves, as the Special Guest for Alamo City Furry Invasion 2024! With a YouTube legacy of 160K+ subscribers and an astounding 20 MILLION channel views, Odin Wolf takes the stage in grandeur.  Join us in celebrating this trailblazer and his unwavering support for the adult content side of the fandom. Save the date for a night where 14Werewolves and ACFI collide in furry brilliance!

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